Hey, everyone. I just wanted to say please excuse my horrible grammar, spelling, or whatever. Ha-ha sad to admit, but yea, my writing skills are awful. Also, I’d like to apologize about the small random posts. As soon as I can find a more interesting or better topics I’ll be sure to add, or do something else than random places I hope to see one day. 😛 lol I’d like you to take note-I’m still new to learning about word press. So I’d love to hear any tips from you guys on what I can do to make my blog more appealing and draw more people in to take a look. THANKS!


Glowworm Caves!


I’d have to say, this would be number one on my bucket list! ♥.♥ Just imaging being able to see it one day fills me with joy! I mean seriously worms that glow making the dark cave look like a magical starry night!

Hello world!

Hey everybody! I’m creating this blog hoping to find as much advice I can to help me fulfill my dream to travel the world! 🙂 I don’t come from a family with very much money-but my passion to see the world is unstoppable and I wont take no for an answer! I’ve got two years until I graduate high school and I’m hoping to learn as much as I can by that time.